About Sandy :)

So -This is me….    🙂

I have been blessed to travel and share wonderful food and experiences with friends and family. I studied Heath Sciences in my senior years of schooling, then was privileged to travel and live in a city where food of different cultures was common ground. I love restaurant food; the different cuisines – and equally, barbeques or toasted sandwiches.

An intolerance to Gluten was an issue I knew nothing about in my earlier days (add this one to life challenges….)


So being a sharing soul …. here I am

My Stepmother, Brother, Sister-in-law and 3 of my staff in my last working team were suffering Gluten Intolerance or Allergy, Celiac Disease, Coeliac Disease – the necessary compliance to dietary requirements …! We are here to share a wealth of wonderful choices, options, recipes and even retail support. I’d love to share some of my favourite recipes (that are never recognized as GF) – awesome food that comes from love, life and now….

Sharing my personal delight

I found that the chance to create a website – so focused on what I had hoped to achieve; has become reality. My joy and sense of achievement (with the comments already received), leads me to a give a  huge and public thank you to the behind screens team that are making my part of this community, matter!

I have to share this, because, such a short time ago, I lacked the knowledge to create my GF community here.  Wealthy Affiliates continue to provide the training that is making my GF focus work and to be exciting! They have helped to find my confidence to provide information in an environment where the internet is really what we rely on now.

They  are actually there to help us all, to be creative,to share special ideas –  if you would like to join the WA community and be constructive too, please just have a look too  🙂

Sharing our goals….

I’m hoping that that you’ll join this community and help to make this issue simplistic and our choices wonderful and not restrictive.


Kindest wishes

Sandra                                                                                                                               Founder of Glutenfreeandintolerence.com

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