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Food and Recipes – Glorious choices from one place and so easy…..

So the retail choices for gluten free products may seem limited – but that would be for those limited to direct sales through our supermarkets. have many branches across our world. The most impressive choices and deliveries of massive ranges of different products actually lays before you….. really !!

In one search I find that there are 27,149 gluten free food products available at and I can only suggest you try my links and instead of feeling that Gluten Free Diets  are a challenge – you may just change to feel that your world is full of choices.    I’ve come up with these different stats depending on what I put in the search log……

From Amazon

“Found 42,920 results for gluten free food

“Found 45,910 results for Gluten free groceries

“Found 3,940 results for celiac

“Found 15,323 results for gluten free recipes

Any one of my weblinks, from Amazon, will take you to their main outlet and if you put your own “specific search” in the search field from my link- just look at all we can find from the provider that may be the worlds largest “gluten free” supplier 🙂


(Have to say they have an enormous amount of other things that might be of interest  – make a coffee or tea and have a relaxing potter around while you’re there – add any thing extra you’re interested in – no point in paying delivery twice!)

Please give it a try and tell me what you think?

Sandy 🙂




4 thoughts on “Food – Glorious Choices”

  1. Wow, Sandra, I had no idea there was so much available on Amazon.

    We have a new wife just married to our nephew, and she has a serious gluten intolerance. We’ve been changing our style of cooking whenever we have any family get-togethers.

    And you’re right. Foods are very limited if you’re only relying on grocery stores. At least in our area.

    We’ll have to check out Amazon for sure so that we can come up with new ideas for our meals.

    Thanks so much for this information,

    1. Hi Suzanne,
      Thank you! – Yes, perspective can be a very positive outcome for people coping with this health challenge.
      Better to consider – we have so many choices to make our loved ones and family, Happy !
      I’ll post my actual recipes (as I need to do something for the family or friends) or shared ones from our community here – they are often made with nothing out of the normal supplies/food in my cupboard or refrigerator – just with the exclusion of particular things.
      Hope your Niece joins us too 🙂

  2. I agree with Suzanne, I absolutely had no idea that Amazon sold gluten-free stuff. I never been nor known anyone who was gluten intolerant, however, I hear people on TV talk about how hard it is to find gluten free products. I’ll definitely keep this in mind and hopefully I’ll get to help someone find it. Thanks Sandra

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