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We are all about food!

To share our tried and tested recipes – where our dietary choices remain a joy and are an appreciated and wonderful experience of life!

Not all of our challenges should paint pictures that we aren’t part off 😊

  1. Please, play it safe if you’re not sure – see or talk to your doctor
  2. Diagnosed already – always look for the “gluten-free” label on purchased foods
  3. Always avoid all Wheat, Barley and Rye.

Gluten Intolerance, Gluten Intolerant, Celiac Disease, Coeliac Disease, pains and or swelling in the tummy, headaches, dry or irritated skin, general feeling of poor health are all part of a life we know in this circle.

Foods labelled as gluten-free or made with corn, rice, soy are those that we depend on ……

Do either of these exerts seem familiar……

.” the distinct autoimmune response to wheat proteins and transglutaminase enzymes in the gut that defines CD is just one possible expression of gluten intolerance….”

…” Gluten intolerance is an adverse reaction to gluten. Can be improperly applied to several conditions that are different in origin. These include celiac disease (CD), non-celiac gluten sensitivity (NCGS), wheat allergy, dermatitis herpetiformis, and (more rarely) gluten ataxia….”

Life and the food we love and share has to be Gluten-free – but I have learnt that this is not a limitation in my family or amongst my friends – its an awesome challenge to find wonderful and varied ideas to share 😊

This picture is not a water/ oil painting we were taught in primary school – it’s of the damaged intestinal lining, someone’s terrible results from celiac disease



So please join us and let’s make food and this part of life, fun😊

12 thoughts on “Hello – Please Join US”

  1. Hey,  I would like to join but couldn’t find a link to click to read more?  Maybe It’s me but don’t think so.  

    I personally, don’t have a gluten issue but was interested to read more because one of my Hubby’s grandchildren is lactose intolerant and wondered if one led to the other.

    Look forward to your reply.  Cheers 

    1. Hi Jill – so pleased to get feedback – (I am so new at creating website exposure)  

      My need for a true understanding of Gluten Free food comes directly from family and some friends too,  being diagnosed with this challenge – and, as food has always been a passion of mine – thought I should contact like minded people 🙂

      It may be my limited knowledge at this stage, (or my poor wording – not sure) – but – please comment and contribute to my blogs – just like this and we will become an awesome “Net Family” contributing great information and ideas. That’s my hope anyway 🙂

      Love hearing from supporters


    2. Hi Jill,
      Apologies for that delay – I’m very new to the creation of our base here. I will find the “how to” to create a link – I have used the net personally for a LONG time … but I would just copy the website address by clicking my bookmarks in the top right corner of my screen…. 🙂

      I imagine treating Lactose Intolerance is as structured and as necessary to the Gluten issue. I have no direct experience – but I the links I’ve provided overpage may have reference material, recipes etc. because they have search options and we still do need to read all we can.
      My knowledge is only that; if diagnosed by Medical Authorities with some Gluten Intolerance or Celiac/Coeliac Disease etc; I hoping that the community created here will appreciate us as a centre of information, and to be excited by the challenge of food, recipes, books etc.
      I hope we all get to share and understand that gluten free food, and food limitations can be just as wonderful and awesome.
      Sandy 🙂

  2. Hi, Sandra!

    Some days I feel like I’ve been living under a rock.  🙂 The idea of gluten intolerance was never on my radar until last year.  All the sudden, I had friends claiming they were unable to eat gluten.  I had never heard of such a thing!  It seems like I’m hearing more and more about it these days.  Even when I’m out and about shopping, I’ll see products advertising that they’re gluten-free.  I am thankful that my body doesn’t dislike gluten, but there are definite benefits for everyone to minimize the amount of gluten in our diets.  Question for you: once a person has been diagnosed with having gluten intolerance, will it be that way for life?  I don’t know enough about it and worry that if I’m ever diagnosed with it, it’s a life sentence.  

    1. Hi – I’m exactly the same – had no concept of this challenge earlier  in my life – but now have a considerable need to be compliant for my family. To my knowledge – once diagnosed, its a new life challenge – join us!

      I believe that its a great strength to be able to meet this need with passion and great food – love that you had a look and would love to have you join our challenge 🙂


  3. Hi Sandra,

    I am in! I always prefer gluten-free foods and recipes.

    I am glad I found your helpful site and thanks a lot for the helpful insights. Looking forward to getting more insightful and valuable information from your site. How I wish I had found your site sooner when I first started! I had to go through the old way of trial and errors.

    I read some of your articles and that was really in-depth, it was very well researched. I mainly prefer the recipe posts (Coconut Macaroons is an awesome post and I am going to try it). 

    I am bookmarking your site for future reference.

    1. Hi Paul,

      So lovely to hear from you – makes my day actually too! -(Coconut Macaroons are wonderful 🙂 ) 

      I know that I that I cover the food requirements of Gluten Free without any issue because my family will always ask….. Is Sandy coming – whats she making etc etc 

      I hope this becomes a wonderful tool for us all – whether we are celiac, coeliac (spelling in England- Australia New Zealand etc. Ha Ha ) or if we have loved ones to ensure they have a passion for food too!

      So happy you are here and following us all now – contribute any time you like… we would like that too !


  4. Hi there,

    It’s great to see this post to be more aware of the “gluten-free” diet. I am glad that I could read this before some of my friends come to my party this weekend that I need to prepare some gluten-free options for them. I notice there are some recipes in this blog, and I will mark it in my browser and share with all my family. 

    I think eating corn, rice and soy will be not pleasant for some people, is there any main food for alternative choices?

    1. Hi Matt,

      So pleased to hear from you – and I hope that all this could become wonderful for you … two suggestions and so simple (So many things to say that might help – in the supermarket – even some brands of plain potato chips that are gluten free..) hope these ideas help Matt.

      Straight away – here’s a corn and a rice recipe 🙂

      Plain corn chips – served with a dip of guacamole (avocado with crushed garlic,onions lemon juice, chopped coriander (Cilantro) salt and pepper to taste, finely chopped chilli to taste 🙂   – all mixed together – garnished with coriander….

       Vietnamese Spring rolls – so easy and wonderful – Rice papers, filled rice noodles with prawns, coriander, finely sliced carrot etc all to taste  ( served with my sauce from the Vietnamese Chicken salad over page) …… 

      Please keep in contact with us – I hoping for an awesome family here, so we can care, share and help make food wonderful 🙂


    2. And Hi again Matt, your message was motivation for me to do up those two recipes I suggested to you – so out there now !
      If you get a chance to try them I’d love feedback.
      Have an awesome coming weekend and enjoy that party
      Kind regards – Sandy :}

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