Gluten Intolerant – What a Life Challenge

What a Lifes’ challenge and to be excited about  ……

“Coeliac” or “Celiac” Disease or, for a Gluten Intolerant person – this has often seemed so difficult to diagnose and to then, accept!

The comparison with others managing the same limitations vary enormously.

The focus and to remove Gluten from the diet can be, and is successful for those diagnosed – I see this directly, it’s a responsibility and I hope we all will share ideas, recipes and resources.

In my circle of family and friends I have had loved ones diagnosed with this problem. This is not a choice – it’s called survival!

The list can seem long – but there is so much to replace these few things that are just as nice!

So many people and different levels with the same dietary challenge, find this very difficult to choose sustenance, it seems like an enormous list of food and drinks are no longer suitable.

I prefer to look at as a challenge and love to provide wonderful choices within the perimeters

Share our reasoning and focus

An answer, a pure relief, was almost the reaction of a dear friend when she found she was Gluten Intolerant – she almost always felt ill and suffered cramps after meals.

My sibling; after a standard medical check-up and blood test, was diagnosed with critical liver issues relating to gluten rich food that had never been earlier identified. He had been tested for issues like Gaul Bladder or ulcers , he wouldn’t eat a particular vegetable, herb, or sauce, – saying that they caused a stomach pain ….(Often – always using language, a little more colourful than mine!)

An elderly family member; felt ill after breakfast in particular, and always felt better if she just had fresh fruit during the day, veggies and maybe a piece of meat for dinner… no desert!

My sister-in-law had known of her dietary issue for most of her life – so I give her credit for teaching me the difference between challenge and opportunity.

A chance to change perspective

This situation can be equally as difficult for the family and friends, as it is for the person centred with this need.


It can be a provide an enormous variety of alternative wonderful choices of food and recipes and techniques.

To thoroughly learn and understand the sources of gluten in our diets and to strictly abide by Gluten exclusion has been the most difficult part of my learning process.

Once established and understanding the different choices and selections, I feel this has to be shared. There will be many folk who would love to be involved too and I can learn from you ….

Links full of information to share

I will share links that my family have found helpful and the specific information we seem to rely on. I will continue here to add to this site when I can include relevant tried and tested information, (and when I learn about the miracles of the internet techniques and communication – maybe this will also look awesome 😊 )

I’ll share recipes and hope that you might join us and do the same.

(The tried and tested recipes I will share are unidentifiable as Gluten Free – and that’s a plus for the rest of our families and friends).

Our local supermarkets all seem to carry a respectable choice of Gluten Free products, but I also aim to share retail outlets that we know have wonderful selections of specific goods that will be a great source of items and products related to this perimeter.

Limitations seem difficult

Dealing with Celiac or Coeliac Disease can seem unfair. A person who is Gluten Intolerant, also understands the restrictions that may impact the rest of a family….

Well – hoping that you join me and share all you can to ensure that we deal challenge with this differently 😊

13 thoughts on “Gluten Intolerant – What a Life Challenge”

  1. Hello, I don’t have celiac, but I had tremors. My hands would be shaking always and it was so annoying; I didn’t know if I had some life-ruining disease or was just overwhelmed with anxiety. I do actually have severe anxiety problems. However, my psychiatrist astonished me by saying, “Quit eating wheat.” It was the dumbest idea I’d ever heard, but I tried it. It worked! No more wheat – no more tremors! The withdrawal symptoms were awful, but I got over it. I still miss eating regular bread, but gluten-free is good toasted. I’ll be checking out your recipes. Best wishes!

    1. Hi Cathy – sometimes lifes’ challenges give us “a pain” – quite literally 🙂
      Gosh I hope you can share some of your recipes – likes etc, and even try some of the recipes and shared information I have.
      Always going to be a work in progress here – and hopefully we will be an enormous “net” family of like minded folk.
      Thank you for your Best wishes
      Ditto from here
      Sandy 🙂

  2. Great article!
    I am not Gluten Intolerant but I have always tried to eat healthy and be mindful of what I am putting into my body.
    You have provided a lot of great ideas and information here.
    I look forward to reading more articles from this site in the future!

    1. Hi Jesse,
      Thank you for your comments – while I’m very new on the net as a creator – this has been a family issue for quite a long time and I hope being honest and finding the most direct and helpful informatiom, links, recipes and info will create a wonderful and supported community – appreciate your contact – Sandy

  3. Hi Sandy! Thanks for all this info. My son has a dairy intolerance and my husband has lots of intolerances and allergies. He also suffers from eczema and I have thought about cutting out gluten to try to see if that makes a difference in his health. i look forward to reading more of your information.

  4. Hi,
    I am not Gluten intolerant but i absolutely love your site. Such cool information and great precipices. I will definitely be following this site.

  5. I have some friends who are really weak to gluten. I have been trying to understand why they are and this article is really one of the easiest to read. It made me understand what it was like for them and what it could to them deeply. Thank you for being informative!

    1. Thank you ! – Yes we don’t necessarily have to be Gluten Intolerant ourselves to have this necessity for someone we love or care about influence our need to understand and comply 🙂

  6. Hey very nice post.

    Im not gluten intolerant but eating healthy is the way to go. This is very good information as a lot of my friends are gluten intolerant. I think everyone is getting more aware of these things and how it can affect ones life style. I will share the recipes with friends.

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