New Ideas – Sharing will make all the difference

I just wanted to share an idea that our world is full of wonderful things to see and be part of – Random… but this is a trip I did to FNQ-QLD-AUS.

Makes me smile actually  – one of my holidays – its of “Ant Hills in Far North Queensland – Queensland Australia – Australia.  The reason for  posting this photo actually was about the “sharing” life with a group of wonderful, like minded people.


This site aims to cope with this Gluten Free Challenge –  very new here and considering all I know is based on the needs of my family, friends and now the community that I’m hoping will join us all, its important that I look to involve like minded folk 🙂

I’m going to look for the best resources I can find to add to my current family pile, (and those shared by our followers) and create, I hope,  a “Golden Gluten Free Home Base, filled with tried, respected and the helpful details and researched links here 🙂

The days of going to the book shops or the particular grocery shops and restaurants and other specific targets, to help manage our specific medical challenge has changed.

My lesson comes from my family – 2 of the older generation are absolute “net” flyers in their 80’s.  They have computers – iPads – mobile phones and love life with these services – cant imagine how to survive without these tools.  Another 2 – have none…. land lines only, not interested in technology… and no  access to the net, down through 4 family generations will change more quickly than we may wish to think about …. (thinking we should  hold hands and lets keep focused !! )

Actually as I move forward here, please join our community – My main focus is to find and share, researched weblinks, recipes and ideas that will make providing Gluten free food  and  all those restrictions, as easy and wonderful as any bush-BBQ or a silver service restaurant.

If  I and/or  we, can find any  great supportive information – I love and appreciate the concept of sharing! (and just as a “Sandy can’t help herself…” I also wanted to share that Wealthy Affiliates will give us all the ‘how too support’ to create a tool like this in any field you love and care about.

I have no medical background and absolutely believe all I can help with is ideas and great Food!  Hope you’ll comment and join in 🙂



2 thoughts on “New Ideas – Sharing will make all the difference”

  1. Sandy,

    This was such a wonderful thing to read. I love how you applied what you’re trying to reach with your blog and the fact that you incorporated some personal stuff, such as your trip and your future goals.

    I honestly have no idea what glutten free actually means? I think I will have to do my research because I really love learning. Speacially if what im reading applies to a lot of people in their every day lives. Also, that part of “cant live without them” referring to phones/technology, it’s so true. Luckily I grew up with barely any technology acess (asides from Nintendo and other child-like games) and mowdays I see children who are barely 3 years old, with an iPhone in their hands. It’s truly mind blowing, and the fact that we do everything online it’s even more surprising. I remember being little and having to wait a couple hours somewhere to actually pay for what my caretaker wanted and now we can acess everything throughout the web. Crazy isn’t it?

    1. Stehpanie – I appreciate you honesty and your understanding of lifes’ challenges in relation to GF. I hope that we all come to understand that a website we can call home and trust is my total focus here – Thanks for sharing 🙂

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