Recipe – Quinoa Breakfast

Recipe – Quinoa Breakfast

Quinoa Porridge

So healthy – and such a wonderful breakfast for the body and soul – totally Gluten-free, and so easy … and shared by Sally – who’s joined us all 😊

This is Sally’s recipe via her following at Facebook, and her visit to this site – I love to share this one, on Sally’s behalf –

It’s a quinoa porridge, made with almond milk, grated apple, vanilla essence and cinnamon, topped with strawberries and slivered almonds.  To make it, simply cook your rinsed quinoa, then stir through a grated granny smith apple, a little almond milk, cinnamon and vanilla to your taste. Then finish it off with fresh ripe strawberries and almonds.

This delicious breakfast quickly became one of my staples when I was doing Arbonne’s 30 Days to Healthy Living Program- it was such a nutritious and delicious way to start my day- and so quick and easy to cook.

Sometimes I cook up a larger batch of quinoa so the next day I just have to add the other ingredients to the already cooked quinoa- making it even more convenient!    Give it a try!

Sandy – I am Independent Consultant with Arbonne and I do have my own website too – My Arbonne website. I’d love to be part of our shared community – Our Gluten Intolerant community will benefit at mine too….    I know 😊

To find out more about Arbonne and our wonderful products – including, gluten-free skincare, makeup and our amazing nutrition range, please visit me at

Kind regards Sandy and all the folk who share our commitment to live our best lives!


I’d love your comments, shared recipes, and ideas, just as Sally has done – I hope that I can create an environment for us all, to trust and call home – Sandy  😊

14 thoughts on “Recipe – Quinoa Breakfast”

  1. Nice website, Sandra. And thanks for the sharing an informative post. Eating healthy means to live longer and a happier life. Thanks again.

  2. Thank you for sharing this recipe!

    My family and I have all just started down the gluten free path and are looking for new and exciting recipes. Looks very simple to make and I’ll be checking out your other posts too 🙂

  3. Hello dear Sandy,
    I’ve never heard of the quinoa porridge, only the oatmeal one which I love and make almost every day for breakfast. I love quinoa as a salad, or as a side dish instead of rice, so through Sally you provided me with one more recipe. I have one question. Could I cook the quinoa the same way and make a savory dish instead of a sweet one?

    1. Absolutely Kate – its what we do with Quinoa after it is cooked that equals our personal choice. If you love porridge in the morning I can only suggest you try Sally’s suggestion – she’s offered a clever choice – just cook extra and you could use it for both 🙂

  4. I love this recipe. I was looking for something new to eat, and I am glad I stumbled upon this post. I will eat it tomorrow morning. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Pleased to hear that Katja – this “thank you for sharing” belongs to Sally – and I genuinely hope I have followers who would help us all – and do this too – Kind regards Sandy

  5. Hi Sandra,

    Great sharing of a very informative post on such a healthy, gluten-free and wonderful breakfast recipe. We are always on a lookout for something like this.

    We have a friend who is gluten-intolerant. We will share the information and he will surely appreciate it. Thanks a lot for this.

  6. Sandra,
    My sister has a health condition In which she has very little energy from day to day. She Went on similar food regimes to what you have here and after being on gluten-free foods she was feeling a lot better. Thanks for the information. Great website.

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