And lots of lessons for us all within the perimeters of this Gluten Free, Celiac Disease, (Coeliac Disease)- challenging environment ……. but food should taste unmistakably and (unrecognisably GF) just wonderful !!

So…. I’ll start a list (and the recipes follow on separate pages) – a few of my crews favourites – I’d love comments or suggestions too 😊

Sandy’s Christmas Cake

Impossible Coconut Pie

Food Choices Made Simple – Just one recipe 🙂   Pancakes, Pikelets, Blini, and Crepes

Simple Sourdough Bread

Quinoa and Tabbouleh Salad

Orange Syrup Cake

Lemon Buttered Zucchini

Guacamole and Corn Chips

Vietnamese Spring Rolls

Vietnamese Chicken Salad

Margie’s Birthday Lunch

Chocolate Pavlova with Mascarpone Cream & Raspberries & Almonds

Coconut Macaroons