Reads, Recipes, e-books, websites and a little Fun

Reads, Recipes, e-books, website access and a little fun! 😊

Considering my focus on quality reference material relating to our Gluten Free food considerations – I’d like to give you some of my personal choices  – and would love feedback – and if you might know of great choices too – please share them with us below.

I’m learning all the time… “the how too”  make our site work with the help of Wealthy Affiliates, and suggest its another very constructive and awesomely helpful tool that you might benefit from too  ……. ’cause here we are  🙂

My first ever GF Cookbook was part of the Australian Womens Weeky series in the late 90’s – this one in 2000 I believe – so I haven’t been able to find this issue still for sale ☹

I believe my pic is almost easy enough to see that it cost $3.85 + 35c GST also available in the UK and NZ too !

(…. I just had to share that because its like gold…. 😊 )


But I did find this next particular GF cook book available across several providers and for ease in Australia – also is available at Big W.

Online it is available at and as well as others.

There are many choices and it seems totally just too much sometimes.

There are so many to choose from and trying to make it easier, Book research!!  ….I have found Booktopia do have an awesome choice of Gluten Free books – approx 1700+ actually. They offer discounts, and also give very strong descriptions of the content of each recipe book. – Just one line from their pages of choice!  They also have about 270 gluten relevant e-books

Booktopia have 1 only “Gluten” audio  – but that I just have to share

(…… I actually know nothing about it – but I’m sure someone will be getting a copy of this story for Christmas $20.25 AU – {Bargain}   🙂

Enid Blyton’s books are beloved the world over and The Famous Five have been the perennial favourite of her fans. Now, in this new series of “Enid Blyton for Grown-Ups”, George, Dick, Anne, Julian and Timmy confront a new challenge: is it possible to get a good gluten-free cream tea?

Seriously – I’ll continue to share here the sources of information and  choices I have found; that being shared within my family, friends and now our community here, I’d love to receive your feedback  – Sandy 🙂

18 thoughts on “Reads, Recipes, e-books, websites and a little Fun”

  1. Thanks for the great recommendation. We have recently just switched to a gluten free diet after finding out that our kid has wheat allergy. And we have been searching for great gluten free recipe books ever since. I’ll be sure to check out you GF cook book as well as head over to Booktopia. Thanks again!

    1. Hi Joe – awesome that I can be of help – I do understand the challenges for you and your family…. but the aim here is to make the food part of life easier – Best wishes – Sandy 🙂

  2. Hello thanks for the suggested book series you have given here. I haven’t really taken my time to make research on gluten free books. I some times to go with my local time table on vegan diets. I have been in search for something new I can try and coming across this post seem useful enough in that aspect. I’ll love to get a copy of my own gluten free series book as well. Thanks for sharing 

    1. Oh Chloe – Thank you – so neat to hear I may be on the right path. 

      I promise I’m working on what I know in this instance – I truthfully do see a GF diet, more about alternate wonderful food instead of missing out. Thanks for your assessment – Sandy 🙂 

  3. Hi, Sandra.
    It was nice to see all the resources and references regarding Gluten free diet at one place.
    It is surprising to know that booktopia is having 1700+ books on Gluten-free diet. That will be a great help to people searching for these recopies.
    Thanks for sharing this valuable information.
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

    1. Thank you Gaurav

      Yes Booktopia are a great source of information.

      I just pray that I can develop my site into a one stop information base for those folk either directly effected, or as I am – making life more exciting for family and some direct friends too. Genuinely want to share all I can to make it so a GF restriction isn’t a major life disappointment.

      Appreciate positive feedback – Sandy 🙂 

  4. Hey-This is really great GF Cookbook! as Australian Women’s Weekly cookbooks are Well-known for most of the women for many years. Seems it is available in more than100 countries and are translated to many different languages.
    By knowing that the recipes are yet applying on today’s food, everybody would be able to follow up this helpful Cookbook and make quick and simple dishes at ease.
    I’ve recently figure out that Australia Women’s Weekly not only have been known for its cookbooks but also for offering articles about fashion,gardening,home living and parenting as well. I will share your post and pass on to my friends and family.

    Thanks  Sandy!

    1. Awesome Shirian – really appreciate your comments.

      Yes, good old “Women’s Weekly” – tried and true. I really do want my very first site to be the start of a one-stop. My family and several friends have to include this limitation in their lives – so therefore, me too!

      I really do appreciate you forwarding this site onto your loved ones too – ( Increases my sense of responsibility to do even more work.)

      Kind regards – Sandy 🙂

  5. Hello Sandy, from your detailed explanation I’m getting a really wonderful urge to try this gluten free meals out. My wife often take it but I don’t really give interest to it. And from what I hear from my wife and that which  I have read about here I would add it to my diet, maybe twice a week, my wife would be surprised to see me have interest in it. Thanks for the information. 

    1. Thanks Dane – its so good that someone with no GF experience understands that food is still awesome – kind regards – Sandy 🙂

  6. Thanks for writing this post!  I have an all-new appreciation for those who are gluten-free in their diets.  Until recently, I never knew much about it.  We have several friends who have to eat via this diet.  It’s nice to know some tips to be able to cook for them!  I’m going to have to check out the books you’re recommending!  Thank you for this information!  Blessings!

    1. Thank for your comments – As my first ever attempt to create our website – its like sharing all I can offer my family and friends – I totally understand the limitations of a GF diet – but I love cooking and research – and hope that you and your friends might follow me in bookmarks so we can altogether share all the great info we can – kind regards – Sandy 🙂

  7. Thank you for your post. It is useful materials for me. I am sensitive to Gluten and try to avoid gluten containing food. Somehow I always have issues with gluten. I definitely need more information on gluten free food.

    It is so nice you provide info on Booktopia which contains more than 1700 gluten free books. I went the website: booktopia dot com dot au, searched for gluten free, and there are 1755 results. I bookmarked the webpage and will do more research on this. I need to perform more specific research on case. With your information, I am confident that I will be able to trace the cause for my gluten problem.

    It is kind of you spending a lot of time, researching, and sharing the info with us.

    1. Hi Anthony – My first ever website so its my aim to be a wonderful source of food etc for the GF community.

      I hope you’ll bookmark my site and follow – this is an issue within my family – I love cooking and so I hope I can help you too  – Sandy 🙂

  8. Hi Sandra,

    Thanks for the great inspiring and informative post! This has to be motivating, not only for me but also for many others. My wife and I prefer a Gluten-Free Diet (GFD) and while doing some research online I have come across your helpful site.

    Thanks a lot for sharing these helpful recommendations, and your article saving us a lot of time and effort. One place to learn all the information about GF is really great and amazing. I am bookmarking your site for future reference.

    I am amazed to know that Booktopia is having 1700+ Gluten-free books.

    1. Thanks Paul – my first attempt at a website – but very important to our family – Yes Booktopia are great;

      Glad you see the benefit and would love to have your families support 🙂

  9. Thank you very much for the recommendation. Since my sister is going with vegan diet, we want to start to cook the dishes by ourselves. It’s not that easy to find trusted and easy to read gluten free recipes, so your list is quite helpful. Oh, do you happen to know any YouTube channel that also focused on gluten free recipes? Thank you very much for the answer

    1. Thank you for your kind comments – I intend to keep sharing recipes that I make for our family and for my friends too !

      Being a website that aims to provide information to make the GF challenge a little easier; while I can’t  recommend a You Tube channel to follow now ( because I haven’t…) –  you inspire me to help and do that search too !

      Kind regards – Sandy 🙂

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