Guacamole and Cornchips

Party suggestion – Gluten Free Choices

So – One of the comments received this week related to Matt’s party.

Gluten Free food that was required this coming weekend ….  I’ve suggested  2 very popular ideas – unidentifiable as GF, because they are just so popular and taste awesome.  So thought I’ll  share these actual recipes too.

Guacamole and Corn Chips

Prepare and add all ingredients into a mixing bowl as you go  🙂

                                                                  So Add –

2  ripe avocados – flesh mashed as the base

1  small onion ( purple one if possible) finely chopped

2 cloves – garlic crushed

1/2  lemon – juiced

Salt and Pepper to  taste


Optional Additions ( and just wonderful !!  )

1/2 cup chopped fresh coriander (cilantro)

1 to 2 red chilli’s finely chopped – optional

Keeping just a small amount of both to garnish the top for presentation  🙂

Mix altogether very well;  put into a serving bowl – cover tightly and keep in a refrigerator until required. Serve with bowl of plain Corn Chips

(Not my pic – no chilli or coriander 🙁  )