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Gluten Free-Food for T

Simple healthy dinner ideas; healthy dinner recipes that meet our all our families favourite foods!

The ability to learn the difference of requirements and choice, is just a matter of perspective.

In this “Gluten Free” focus – its more about ‘life depends on our choices’ and support for those around us who are challenged, while we really have awesome food to share!  😊

Today another lesson for me…. The internet provides a world of opportunity to learn, to share and to be part of a choice of different communities. We choose to learn, to trust or question (?) the information provided.

Very few affiliates will share commercial opportunities on this site – as this field is so specific and new.

So…. I’ll copy in the links and information of different places that in some way support our gluten free requirements and provide their contacts etc.

I really appreciate the support of our small community now and hope that you will all share this site by trusting us with your comments, recipes and ideas, we can together make a home away from home – right here where we can make a difference!

I’d love to read your comments and ideas on how I could provide more help

Kind regards

Sandy 😊