Types of Flour and Starch Products

Alternate Types of Flour and Starch Products

Various types of flour support different types of food and extend the possible choices that create great selections of food.

As always, I give credit to Women’s Weekly cook books because they were my first and most informative source of information to manage the diet changes required in our family. 😊


Corn Tortillas – Flat, round, chips; a Mexican style unleavened bread – primary requirement for tacos, burritos and enchiladas. Great alternative to gluten-based biscuits or crackers for dips and party food.

Rice Vermicelli

Also known as rice-flour noodles, are made from ground rice. Widely available in supermarkets – and usually sold dried and sealed in airtight packet. Great as a deep-fried addition to salads and Asian style food or, soaked in water and then added to salads, spring rolls, stir fry dishes or soups


Won-ton or Spring roll Wrappers – made from rice flour, sold in supermarkets in various sizes. Simply need to be soaked in water as laid flat on a cloth (or T-towel) filling placed in the centre and folded as required.  Can be deep-fried or used as a cold wrapper too.

Fresh Rice Noodles – Thick white noodle made from rice flour and vegetable oil. Vacuumed sealed for freshness. Should be cooked in boiling water to remove any excess starch or oil. Great for stir-fry’s and soups.  Very satisfactory substitute for pasta.

Polenta made from ground corn (maize) – Simmered in water and becomes like a very thick porridge. Can be served plain, hot or – spices and flavours added – onions, olives, a choice of green vegetables, capsicums (peppers) and cheeses too, spread out flat in a try and allowed to cool, then a great choice of different uses – can be barbecued, fried or grilled with more cheese – Parmesan or something different – Gorgonzola too 😊


Flours of different types

Supermarkets and Health Food Stores are a great source for these alternatives.

Cornflour – Made from corn – (maize). Please check as sometimes a product being sold as Cornflour will indicate that it is “wheaten cornflour” and is therefore not suitable. Cornflour is a fine white starch used to thicken sauces, fillings, stir-fry’s, baking cakes and meringues. A simple, and wonderful starch!

Rice Flour – made from ground rice – a good thickener – used with other flours in cakes shortbreads and biscuits.

Quinoa Flour – is high in protein, calcium and iron. You can substitute this flour for all purpose
(plain) flour in many recipes and it is completely satisfactory to replace wheat flour in cakes and biscuit recipes.




Chickpea Flour – made from milled chickpeas – distinct flavour – great in batters doughs and pastries – wonderful tool in Lebanese food.

Potato Flour – a white flour – great thickener for soups, hot pots and sauces. Very common in Jewish and European cooking in cakes and biscuits etc.

Tapioca – made for roots of the tapioca schrub – can be used to make cakes and breads or as a thickener to soups, hot-pots and stews.

Soy Flour – made from soy beans and is suggested a great flour for batters.