Vietnamese Spring Rolls

And these are just too good to be true as well, can be made even the day before, but are at their best made on the same day….. very much open to particular dietary preferences. 🙂

I’ll post my preference, but as always, the chilli, garlic, salt, pepper – different types of meat… or no meat  should always be a personal choice.

Vietnamese Spring Rolls

1 packet  of Rice Papers Small or Large – your choice.

  1.   1 pkt rice-noodles soaking until soft – only minutes
  2.   1kg Peeled cooked prawns
  3.   1/2 cup chopped spring onions
  4.   1/2 small purple onion cut in lengthwise sliced divided
  5.   1/4 cup chopped fresh mint
  6.   1/4 cup chopped fresh coriander   (Cilantro) and fresh coriander leaves –  not chopped for garnish.
  7.  ( chopped fresh garlic, chilli to taste – mine would be tablespoon of each at least 🙂  )
  8.   1/4 cup Tamari Soy Sauce ( or a gluten free brand)


  • Mix all ingredients 1-7 in a bowl – then pour over soy sauce and mix well. Salt and Pepper if required  ( Unlikely !!)
  • Wet rice paper, one at a time, when softened (in a tray/sink/container of water as required), lay out flat on a work cloth ( tea towel etc)
  • With the centre third or a little more of the wrapper in mind – put one piece coriander, then pick and place enough prawns and make a line on the wrapper across in the middle third.
  • then take some of the filling mix and place on top of the prawns (more prawns wont matter 🙂 )
  • Fold firmly one end over the filling, now still firmly but carefully fold one side then the other over the centre filling.
  • Now roll firmly and carefully this first…. of many Vietnamese Spring rolls 🙂
  • The end may need dampening to seal, just with wet fingers and a few drops of water and as the paper drys a little, you will see how lovely they become.
  • Serve with a satay sauce, sweet chilli sauce or my Vietnamese Dressing (with the chicken salad on over page here ).

Enjoy these – they are wonderful – guaranteed you’ll be asked to remake them many times 🙂